Show Grooming the Miniature Schnauzer


‘Show Grooming the Miniature Schnauzer’ is a detailed step-by-step instructional DVD in how to prepare the Miniature Schnauzer for the show ring. Presented by one of the world’s best Miniature Schnauzer groomers: Kurt Garmaker, who has been showing and breeding Miniature Schnauzers for 34 years.

The video features detailed close-ups throughout the whole process of getting the Miniature Schnauzer ready:
                                               - raking the coat
                                               - clipper work
                                               - sanitary work
                                               - washing the dog
                                               - correct blow-drying technique
                                               - scissoring the dog
                                               - chalking and spraying

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The DVD is playable on computers world wide, and on DVD players in the US.

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